The technology required to make photographic film has been a secret held by a few companies. This book explains, for the first time, at this level of detail, how Eastman Kodak Company makes film. Photographic film is one of the most technically sophisticated chemical products that is used in everyday life. Over 200 complex chemical components are coated on to film base in up to 18 unique, precision layers which in total are half the thickness of a human hair. 

This insider’s view explains in simple terms how the operation works. It is a picture book with over 25 diagrams and over 130 photographs of Kodak’s production materials and equipment. Sixty percent of the printed surface area is illustrations. The book is unique; nearly all the illustrations were made specifically for this book. 

The opinion of a few well respected authorities: 

"The book accurately describes every aspect of the film manufacturing process. It is the most comprehensive coverage I have read."  
Dr. James Patton, Retired, Vice President, Chief Technical Officer Consumer Imaging, Eastman Kodak Company and former Film Manufacturing Manager, Kodak Professional, Rochester, NY.

“This book explains how this common yet complicated product was made. This volume will no doubt prove invaluable not only for the photo historian, but for those curious about how things are made.”
Todd Gustavson, Technology Curator, George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography, Rochester, NY. 

“This book will be of interest to anyone who enjoys photography. It will provide professional and amateur photographers with a better understanding of how their films are made.”  
John Sexton, Photographer, Carmel Valley, California.  

“It will be of great interest to film archivists and other professionals interested in the basic manufacturing process for one of the most important industrial products in history.” Patrick Loughney, Ph.D., Director, Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation.

ISBN:  978-0-615-41825-4.  The number is assigned but does not yet appear in data bases.
©2012 Robert L. Shanebrook  

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