Bob Shanebrook graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology and worked at Eastman Kodak Company for 35 years before retiring in 2003. At Kodak he worked as an industrial photographer, researcher, product development engineer, manufacturing manager, company spokesman for Professional Films, and for more than twenty years was a Worldwide Product-Line Manager for Kodak Professional Films. 
    In KAD Research Laboratory he worked on image evaluation, liquid crystals for imaging, and other electronic imaging devices. In the Photographic Technology Division he worked on thermal films, x-ray films, and then experimental T-Max Films. 
    Beginning in 1981, he became engaged in nearly all aspects of Kodak's black-and-white and professional film business. As Worldwide Product-Line Manager he was heavily  involved in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing photographic products including: 
    Polyfiber Paper
    Polyprint RC Paper
    Polycontrast III RC Paper 
    Elite Fine-Art Paper
    EKTAMAX Paper 
    T-Max 100T-Max 400, and T-Max p3200 Films and T-Max Developers 
    Duraflo Developer
    Technical Pan Film 120 and sheets Technidol Developers
    Ektachrome Films: 100, 100 Plus, 64, 200, 64T, DUP  film
    Process E-6 chemicals and Q-Lab
    Kodachrome  200 and Kodachrome 64 in 120-size
    Process K-14 chemicals and professional film processing laboratories
    Ektapress Films:   PJA, PJB, PJC, PJM
    Professional Internegative Film 
    Kodak Pro 100, 100T, 400, and 400MC Films
    Ektacolor Pro-Gold 160 and Gold 400 Films 
    Miyabi Film, Japan  
    Profoto, Pro Image, Image 100, Ultima Films 
    Portra Films: 160NC, 160VC, 400NC, 400VC, 800, 100T, 400BW
    Endura Metallic Paper 
    2002 Reformulation of:
         T-Max 100, Tri-X 400Tri-X 320 and 400, High speed Infrared, Plus-X Films 

    His technical photographic papers have been published by Association for Information and Image Management, Radiological Society of North America, and Society for Imaging Science and Technology.
    He was instructed by and later worked on photographic projects with John Sexton and Ansel Adams.
    At Kodak he won the Everest Award and the Outstanding Innovation Award for film technology advancements. 
    He was on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Photography, Carmel and San Francisco, California.  
    Bob consults in the fields of silver halide technology and photographic history at George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY. He and his wife Lynne live and sail on Irondequoit Bay, near Rochester, NY. They have adult children, Stefanie and Adam.     
     He can be contacted at:

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Making KODAK Film, expanded 2nd edition
Robert Shanebrook
439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622-1903
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Robert L. Shanebrook
439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622-1903

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