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Ordering Making Kodak Film
​Your payment via PayPal or money order is your order. If you provide an email address I will confirm your order.   My PayPal Account is: 

I pay the PayPal fee. PayPal requires that I ship to the address associated with the buyer's account. PayPal allows no flexibility on this. If you want shipment to another address use PayPal's "send money to a friend" service. 

Second Edition Making KODAK Film is USD 100 plus shipping

USA  Total with USPS Priority shipping:  $115
New York State, USA  Priority Shipping: $115 plus sales tax=$124.20
New York City, USA   Priority Shipping : $115 plus sales tax=$125.23
Shipping  for a second book in the same box is FREE! 

EXPORT    USPS suggests that I put the buyers phone number on the shipping label. Please provide your telephone number.

Shipping  for a second book (1st or 2nd edition), shipped in the same box, is FREE.   Buy one for a friend.

                                                           Total including shipping and PayPal   
                                                    One Book US$            Two Books US$
Australia                                            167                                267
Canada                                               145                                245
France, Italy, Switzerland                158                                258
Germany, Spain                                 157                               257
Japan                                                  164                                264
United Kingdom                                169                                269  

1st edition is $35 plus shipping. Available for immediate shipping  
USA:  $7.50.   NYS addresses please include sales tax on total amount. 
Canada: US$ 8.50
All others US$ 13.50 
​If purchased with a one copy  of the 2nd edition shipping for the 1st edition is free. 

Alternatively,  USD  money order to:
  Robert L. Shanebrook
  439 Avondale Road
  Rochester, NY 14622-1903


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