Robert L. Shanebrook
439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622-1903
June 4, 2024
Making KODAK Film 1st Edition are available for sale. 

Making KODAK Film, 2nd Edition is OUT OF PRINT.
Without notification the local printer who has printed all of the 2nd edition copies has closed their doors, is not giving me my files, is not communicating, and is auctioning off their equipment.

I am donating my notes, photographs, and copyrights to the University of Rochester's Rare Books and Collections Library, Rochester, NY. 

The 1st edition used a different printer.  It is  94 pages,  provides a detailed description of the current film manufacturing process at a modest price. Used copies are listed on for $100 to $200+!   My price is $50.

​My thought is to sell the 1st edition to individuals and save the  few copies of the second edition for institutions that can share it with a broader audience. To do this I have raised the price of the 2nd edition to a level that an institution can afford but may be not an individual unless they are very serious about obtaining the book. Used booksellers will probably charge more than $300.  

The second edition has 470 pages, it includes historical background and many more illustrations that were made exclusively for the book. 

I have sold thousands of copies to individuals and institutions  in 55 countries satisfying my  personal goal of  documenting how my fellow Kodak employees  manufacture film. 

Your payment via PayPal or money order is your order.  If you provide an email address, I will confirm your order. If you do not receive your book, US customers must notify me with in two weeks and International customers with in four weeks so I can see resolve the situation. This time requirement is imposed by the shippers and PayPal.   

I pay the PayPal fee. PayPal requires that I ship to the address associated with the buyer's account. PayPal allows no flexibility on this. If you want shipment to another address use PayPal's "send money to a friend" service option. In doing so you assume the shipping risk. 

Rather than PayPal you can buy using US Postal Service Money Order sent to:
  Robert L. Shanebrook
  439 Avondale Road
  Rochester, NY 14622-1903

​I will ship within two business days after payment is received.  

First Edition is $50: 

USA: book and shipping=                 total 60.65
NY State: book, shipping, and tax=  total $65.50
NYC: book, shipping, and tax=        total $66.00

Canada: book and shipping=             total 75.00

Export: international shipping has become complicated. Please ask for a quote.


Second Edition is US$250 plus shipping.  

USA: Total with USPS Priority Shipping                     =$265
USA: Total West of the Mississippi River                    =$268

New York State:  USPS Priority Shipping,  handling and NY sales tax=$287
​New York City: USPS Priority Shipping, handling and NYC sales tax=$289

2nd Edition   International  Shipping via United Parcel Service  
​Email me if you want me to quote the international mailing cost to another location: 

International shipping rates via UPS. Below are  estimates that I will honor. ​Email me if you want me to quote the international mailing cost to your location:    These are very attractive shipping rates  compared to retail UPS and USPS prices. 

    UK, Italy, France, Germany                            US$50
    Mainland Australia                                          US$60
    Sweden  via USPS & PostNord                      US$80
    Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway      US$60
    Tasmania                                                         US$109
    India                                                                US$70
    Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan                             US$55
    China, mainland                                              US$60 
    Canada UPS                                                  US$33 to $38
Please email your phone number to me. UPS will delay shipment until I provide it.  They have said they will return international shipments without it.

2nd Edition is  US$250 + Shipping cost= Total 

My PayPal  Account, I pay the PayPal fee:

My email is: 

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