Robert L. Shanebrook
439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622-1903
January 3, 2022

Books are available for immediate shipment.  

Your payment via PayPal or money order mailed to the author is your order. My PayPal Account is:    If you provide an email address, I will confirm your order.

I ship quickly, within a postal day of payment. If you do not receive your US order within 30 days or international orders within 60 days from the time of payment you must notify me in order for me to consider replacement. This is determined by USPS insurance policy. USPS Priority Mail delivery time anywhere in the World  has seldom (less than 1%)  exceeded 21 days. This is usually caused by routine  importing customs capacity.   

I pay the PayPal fee. PayPal requires that I ship to the address associated with the buyer's account. PayPal allows no flexibility on this. If you want shipment to another address use PayPal's "send money to a friend" service.

Alternatively, mail a US Postal Service Money Order to:
  Robert L. Shanebrook
  439 Avondale Road
  Rochester, NY 14622-1903

First Edition is $40 plus  very  close to the actual shipping cost.

USA: book and shipping $47.95
NY State: book, shipping, and tax $51.79
NYC: book, shipping and tax $52.20
Canada: book and shipping 1st  class international: US$51.25.
UK:  book and shipping 1st class international: US$66.25.
Germany/Switzerland: US$64.50.

Shipping a one-pound large envelope via USPS to an international address costs $24.50 to $26.50.   Email me if you want me to check on the current USPS mailing costs.  

Second Edition is US$100 plus actual shipping and handling. I have held the book price the same since it was introduced in 2016.   The  printing  and  paper  prices   have increased.

USA: Total with USPS Priority Shipping and handling=$115.

New York State: USPS Priority Shipping and handling and sales tax=$124.20.

New York City: USPS Priority Shipping and handling and sales tax=$125.20.

EXPORT: I have successfully shipped books to 50 countries.

USPS suggestions you  provide your telephone number in case there is a delivery issue.  

Price includes insured shipping by USPS Priority Mail International:

      Canada: US$151. 

       UK and Australia: US$178.

       Japan: US$173.

       Western Europe:  US167.
        Brazil: US$170.

Other locations: email to   

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