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Ordering Making Kodak Film

First Edition
$30 plus  shipping.   The 1st  edition  provides a high-level description of the technology and processes  used to make the components and the salable photographic film  products. General technology experts and amateur photographers find this book to be very interesting.    List price US $40 -$10 discount = $30. 
Shipping is:    USA $7.50, Canada  US$ 8.50, all other countries US$13.50.    

Second Edition
The 2nd edition is  aimed to the serious professional film archivist, photographic professional  (photographer, radiographer,  cinematographer etc.) and keen amateur with professional skills,  who require an in-depth  explanation of the  technology.  The book provides  history and a description of  products that resulted in products for a wide range of industries as well as  consumer photography, cinematography,  etc.   $100 plus shipping

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                                        2nd Edition         2nd Edition 
                                        1 book                     2 books                        
Canada                          $145.95                    $245.95                         

                                        $154.75                    $266.50                         

AustriaBelgiumDenmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland 
                                         $156.05                    $266.50                       

Brazil                             $159.00                   $267.00                                  ​

Australia/New Zealand  $164.70                   $275.95                      

China/Thailand              $165.30                   $267.95                     

Japan                              $161.25                    $267.95  

United Kingdom            $165.50                    $266.50                        

Poland/Russia                 $168.25                    $271.95                      
Estonia, Czech Rep
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Copies of the first edition are available:  Only  $30 if paid for at the same time as a 2nd edition book and shipped in the same box.  I  pay  any  incremental  shipping cost. No additional shipping cost to the buyer.    

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