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439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622-1903
Ordering Making Kodak Film

 Your payment via PayPal or money order is your order. My PayPal Account is:     If you provide an email address I will confirm your order.   
I pay the PayPal fee. PayPal requires that I ship to the address associated with the buyer's account. PayPal allows no flexibility on this. If you want shipment to another address use PayPal's "send money to a friend" service. 

​I ship quickly, always within a day of payment. If you do not  receive your order within 45 days from the time of payment you must notify me in order to receive a replacement. This is determined by USPS insurance policy. USPS Priority Mail delivery time anywhere in the World has not exceeded 21 days.

Second Edition Making KODAK Film is USD 100 plus shipping

USA  Total with USPS Priority shipping:  $115
New York State, USA  Priority Shipping: $115 plus sales tax=$124.20
New York City, USA   Priority Shipping$115 plus sales tax=$125.23
Shipping  for a second book in the same box is FREE! 

EXPORT    USPS suggests that I put the buyers phone number on the shipping label. Please provide your telephone number.

Shipping  for a second book (1st or 2nd edition), shipped in the same box, is FREE.   Buy one for a friend.

                                                           Total including shipping and PayPal   
                                                    One Book US$            Two Books US$
Canada                                                 145                              245
Australia, Japan                                  167                              267
France, Italy, Switzerland                  158                              258
Germany, Spain                                   157                              257
United Kingdom                                  169                              269  

1st edition is $35 plus shipping. Available for immediate shipping  
USA:  $7.50.   NYS addresses please include sales tax on total amount. 
Canada: US$ 8.50
All others: US$ 13.50 
​If purchased with a copy of the 2nd edition shipping for the 1st edition is free. 

Alternatively,  USD  money order to:
  Robert L. Shanebrook
  439 Avondale Road
  Rochester, NY 14622-1903

Retail: Books are available at George Eastman Museum, Rochester NY
    1st edition is  $49.95
    2nd edition is $149.95 



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