The first edition was  published in 2010. In 94-pages, it gives a high level view of  film technology. It is suitable for those with a general interest in photography and is easily understood by high school students. It  explains  how film is made in a state-of-the-art factory.  The second edition gives far more information  in its  470-pages. 

In addition to the information in the 1st edition the 2nd edition adds:

1.History of film base manufacturing including American Film, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, Estar Base and others.

2.Expanded discussion of historic and modern emulsion making processes and equipment.

3.History of coating technology and expanded discussion of curtain coating including photographs of an operating Kodak curtain coater and the thread-up path of Kodak’s Building 38 Film Coating Machine. 

4.Expanded description and photographs of finished film configurations and the finishing processes. Of special interest is motion picture film finishing using high speed T-perforators.

5.Detailed descriptions of photographic film image forming mechanisms for black-and-white films, color negative films, Ektachrome Films, and Kodachrome Films.  

6.Technical descriptions and history of Kodak Films that are used for consumer, professional, motion picture, x-ray, micrographic, graphic, aerial, and scientific applications.

7.Description of past and current Kodak Worldwide manufacturing plants, interactions between the plants, and technology transfers.  

8.First-hand description of working in Kodak’s film business in the 1980’s.  

9.Information based on private communications with over 100 photographic experts.  

10.Addition of over 225 photographs and diagrams. 

11.Identification of sources of information; over 600 footnoted references. 

12.A table of figures and an index to facilitate finding information in the book. 

The book is 470 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches and four-color printed on 80-pound gloss paper. It is gloss-film lamination hard-cover bound. Shipping weight is 5 pounds. It was printed and bound in Rochester, NY USA. 

There are 402 figures. It contains over six times more words than the 1st edition. It is printed on a commercial digital press. The color quality is excellent. To assure book quality, the author  personally inspects every book. Books have been destroyed that were not the best possible. 

                                        1st edition                      2nd edition    
 Binding:                        Perfect                          Hardcover glossy laminate
 Pages:                               94                               470 (16 front matter, 454 body).  
 Figures:                          165                               402
 Footnoted sources:            0                               633 
 Words:                            22K                             142K
 Table of Figures:             no                                yes
 Glossary:                         no                                 yes
 Index:                               no                                yes  

©2017 Robert L. Shanebrook  

​                       April 7, 2017         
The 1st and 2nd editions are available for immediate shipment.

I just ordered a fifth and final printing of the 2nd edition. My plan is to go out-of-print in 2018.   Having  sold  3,000 copies (1st & 2nd edition) to  readers and institutions in 45 countries I have accomplished my goal of documenting for future generations how film is made.  Time to move on.  

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Shipping: USA $7.50,   Canada     USD 8.50, all countries  USD 13.50.  
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